Moville’s Second Ice Cream Museum. This time in Murano

In July 2019, the Michielan Gelato Active Museum in Murano opened its doors, the second to bear the Michielan name after the one in the city of Jiaxing, China.

Following the success of the project in China, the Michielan company has decided to experiment with the creation of a new type of large-format point of sale that combines the traditional gelato parlor with a museum space where you can also enjoy its history.

This new journey through time starts from Murano, discovering the characters and millenary cultures that blend with the history of Italian Artisan Gelato.

A global journey, an intertwining of knowledge and flavors that in Italy have found the ideal space to perfect themselves and return to the world as universal ambassadors of Italian know-how. This is how, step by step, era after era, Artisan Gelato has become what we all know:
a concentration of tradition and innovation. Even today, Gelato travels beyond the borders of Italy and carries all the flavors of an ancient recipe.

Museum spaces


This is the point where visitors are welcomed and where the visit begins. In the areas we find:

A. Interactive wall with 3 tactile monitors to consult historical contents divided by eras;

B. Children’s route, meaning a dedicated part with display cases, boxes and bells in which the mascot Dandolino, created for the museum, guides young visitors to discover the evolution of ice cream;

C. A cabinet of historical objects housing a collection of service tools, equipment for making or transporting ice cream, books and documentation.


In this second area, it is possible to experience themes related to the production of ice cream, the role of sugars, the world of the most popular flavors and an in-depth look at the types of cones. In this second room, Dandolino also appears in various situations to complete the narration dedicated to children.

This new museum in Moville, unlike the one in Jiaxing (China), is easily accessible. It only takes 25 minutes by vaporetto from Venice (line 3 to Murano, Museo stop) to enjoy the Gelato Active Museum Doge 41 exhibition and, of course, the products of the Gelato di Natura ice cream parlor.


Premiata Ditta F.lli Michielan


Doge 41 – Michielan Gelato Active Museum






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